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Weight: 10 OZ - 283 G
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Champion Sprayon® dry air fresheners contain Ordenone™, an effective deodorizing ingredient that completely eliminates unpleasant odors. The long-lasting dry formula is effective against smoke and cooking odors, deodorizing without fallout.

  • Ordenone completely eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Effective against smoke and cooking odors
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Deodorizes without fallout

Recommended uses
Ideal for eliminating odors from kitchens, bathrooms, vehicles, garbage areas, smoking areas, pet areas, locker rooms, hotel rooms and any other areas prone to malodors.

Ingredient Information

IngredientFunctionCAS #AllergenChemical Of ConcernLink
AcetoneCarrier solvent67-64-1
Petroleum Distillate, Hydrotreated lightCarrier solvent64742-47-8
Amyl cinnamalperfume component122-40-7 X More Info.
Butylphenyl methylpropionalperfume component80-54-6 X More Info.
Benzyl benzoateperfume component120-51-4 X More Info.
Linaloolperfume component78-70-6 X More Info.
Odor counteractantmal-odor eliminatorCBI

Manufactured by Chase Products Co.

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