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Vandal Mark Remover - 4334105
UPC: 010228341052

Weight: 16 oz - 454 g
Product Type: Aerosols

SprayPAK® Vandal Mark Remover clings to vertical surfaces without dripping or running. Washes away with soap and water.

  • Specifically designed for school, municipal and government bids
  • Heavy-duty gel vandalism remover
  • Gel clings to vertical surfaces for extended dwell time
  • Dwell time allows for maximum graffiti penetration
  • No dripping or running
  • Rinse off with soap and water

Recommended uses
Ideal for removal of graffiti on porous surfaces and extremely tough graffiti removal jobs. For delicate surfaces, spray on cloth, then gently rub surface to be cleaned Removes: Spray paints, permanent marker, inks, tar, crayons, adhesives and more.

Ingredient Information

IngredientFunctionCAS #AllergenChemical Of ConcernLink
AcetoneCarrier solvent/paint remover67-64-1
Dimethyl Glutaratesolvent/cleaner1119-40-0
Naptha (petroleum), light aromaticCarrier solvent/paint remover64742-95-6
TolueneCarrier solvent/paint remover108-88-3X More Info.
Dimethyl Adipatesolvent/cleaner627-93-0
1,2,4-Trimethylbenzenecomponent of light naphtha95-63-6
Propylene Carbonatesolvent/cleaner108-32-7
Ethyl Alcoholsolvent/cleaner64-17-5
Bis (hydrogenated Tallow alkyl) dimethyl salts w/bentoniteGelling agent68953-58-2
Naphthalenecomponent of light naphtha91-20-3X More Info.
Diacetone Alcoholsolvent/cleaner123-42-2
D-limonenesolvent/cleaner/degreaser5989-27-5 X More Info.
Pine Oilsolvent/degreaser8002-09-3
Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), alpha-undecyl-omega-hydroxySurfactant/cleaner34398-01-1
Cocamide diethanolamineSurfactant/cleaner68603-42-9X More Info.
Cumenecomponent of light naphtha98-82-8X More Info.
Diethanolaminecomponent of Cocamide DEA111-42-2X More Info.
Mixed xylenescomponent of light naphtha1330-20-7
Morpholinecorrosion inhibitor110-91-8

Manufactured by Chase Products Co.

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